Drug Testing Services RFP - Clarifying Questions

1. Who is the current provider?

There is no current provider for these services in the fashion described in the RFP

2. Why are you evaluating new providers?

We have opened up our behavioral health/SUD contract as well. The Drug Court and FRC office operate and determine the drug testing schedule. The plan is to shift to a model where we contract directly with the laboratory

3. What is the current pricing?

The prices between our contracted provider and the laboratories that they use have not been disclosed to the Drug Court program.

4. What is the expected volume of tests?

Give or take some—400 tests per month.

5. (Page 3 & Question 1 of Exhibit B: Questionnaire) Is it sufficient that our laboratories (LabCorp, Quest) are SAMHSA certified or do we need to be as well?

Only the laboratory needs to be SAMHSA certified.

6. (Page 15) is the first and only page in the RFP where it directly states it is soliciting laboratories. Are Third-Party Administrators and other drug testing vendors eligible too?

We are seeking a direct contract with the laboratory.

7. Question 2 of Exhibit B: Questionnaire suggests that the required 5 years of experience with therapeutic courts (Page 3) needs to have been in Washington State. May it have been acquired in other states as well?

We are looking for a laboratory with sufficient experience in Washington State.

8. Question 4 of Exhibit B: Questionnaire “Please provide pricing breakdown for all drug panels and single drug screens.” Isn’t this already done in “Exhibit A: Budget”? Do we need to cut and paste the entire document here too?

Yes, please cut and paste. The duplication is useful for ease of comparing different proposals.

Second Group of Questions Received

1.Who is the incumbent provider for the requested services?

There is no current provider for these services in the fashion described in the RFP.

2. What is the County currently paying for the requested services?

The prices between our contracted provider and the laboratories that they use have not been shared with our office.

3. What is the approximate volume for this contract?

Give or take, some, 400 tests per month.

4. Would the County consider a lab that is CLIA certified and follows SAHMSA protocols but is not SAHMSA certified?

The laboratory needs to be SAMHSA certified.

5. Would the County consider results for negative screens 24-48hrs after receipt of specimen in lab and 72-96hrs after receipt of specimen in lab for confirmed positives?

Yes, we would consider these time frames.

6. On page 10 of the RFQ, the County notes that Bidder must comply with College of American Pathologist specimen collection standards however the bid does not require collections. Should this be disregarded?

Yes, there will not be a collection requirement tied to this contract.

Third Round of Questions Received:

1. What is the expected annual volume for each requested test in Exhibit A (or, if that’s not available, what’s the general annual volume of drug tests)?

The expected annual volume is 4800 tests.

2. What is the expected monthly volume for screen and confirmation testing?

There is no estimate at this time.

3. Who currently collects the specimens?

Specimens are collected by the treatment provider.

4. What company is currently providing laboratory drug testing for the County?

We understand that our treatment provider uses Redwood and Millennium Laboratories for these services, but are not sure if that is a comprehensive list.

5. What is the County currently paying for the laboratory drug testing services?

The prices between the treatment provider and the laboratory have not been shared with our office.

6. Can the County provide a copy of the current contract?

There is no current contract for this model.

7. How many times per year has expert witness testimony been required?

No expert testimony has been used in the last three years.

8. Is telephonic or video testimony acceptable for expert witness testimony?

Yes, as long as it is preapproved by the Judicial Officer.

9. How many litigation packets are typically required per year?

There have not been any litigation packets in the last three years.

10. On page 5 - 6 of the RFP, cathinone is listed with a required screening cutoff of 25 ng/mL. Is a direct quantitative test an acceptable alternative, with a cutoff of 25 ng/mL?


11. On page 5 – 6, is it acceptable to use lower screening/confirmation cutoffs than those specified? Or, must the exact cutoffs stated in the RFP be utilized?


12. Whereas we can test for all drug classes specified, we have noted there are several minor differences in the analytes specified on page 7 -8. Are minor analyte differences acceptable for confirmation testing? (ie, we don’t test for all of the analytes listed on page 7-8, and also offer additional analytes for several of the listed substances)

Yes, that is acceptable.

13. As the Bidder is required to submit its own contract, are there any required or strongly preferred contractual provisions, beyond those set forth in the Description of Services?

Not at this time.

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Posted: September 01, 2020