On Site Property Inspections During COVID-19

Assessor’s Office appraisers are currently working in the Winlock, Toledo, and Vader School Districts. The cities of Winlock and Toledo have both been completed. Rural Toledo and Winlock have not been and we are currently visiting those areas.

We have always knocked on the door, spoken to the residents that are home, left a business card, measured buildings, taken photos, and left the premises.

As of Monday, March 16, we will not be knocking on doors to speak with property owners. We will leave a business card that has the appraiser’s phone number printed on it. We are attempting to limit our contact with taxpayers so as to limit exposure to the employee and the taxpayer. Should the taxpayer have questions about why we were on the property, please either call the appraiser’s number on the card or call the office at (360) 740-1392.

Posted: March 18, 2020