Flood Event 2022: Destroyed Property Forms Available Through Assessor’s Office

CHEHALIS--- After the recent flooding in Lewis County, Assessor Dianne Dorey, would like to remind Lewis County property owners where and how to file destroyed property claims for the purposes of valuation assessments which will affect taxes.

Property owners who have experienced damage to their structures from flooding or other circumstances can obtain a Destroyed Property form from the Assessor’s Office on the second floor of the Historic Courthouse at 351 NW North St, Chehalis, WA; by clicking here or by calling (360) 740-1392. Forms can be mailed or hand delivered to the address above or faxed to (360) 740-1262.

Damages that result in property tax reduction are more than drying out and making minor repairs. If you have had 4 or more inches of standing water in your residence, this typically is where an adjustment in your value will be made. Please contact us prior to making repairs otherwise an adjustment may not be made to your value. Those properties that have adjustments made to their values will be re-inspected in July or August of 2022 for repairs that were made on the damaged property.

After the form is submitted to the Assessor’s Office, a Lewis County Appraiser will inspect the property and determine the current value of the property. Dorey states, “Lewis County Appraisers are easily identifiable: they drive a marked county vehicle and wear a green or orange uniform shirt under their orange safety vest. They will be wearing an identification badge and will leave a business card at the property. If you have any questions about someone being on your property representing themselves as a Lewis County Appraiser who does not have proper identification or uniform, please call my office at 360-740-1392. Dorey adds that inspections are done according to workloads and routes of her Appraisers.

If you need more information, please contact the Lewis County Assessor’s Office at (360) 740-1392.

Posted: January 12, 2022