Unused and Outdated Medicines

Unused or outdated medicines

Medicines can be an important part in maintaining good health. Medicines fight disease and provide cures for a wide range of ailments. In some cases all the medicine is not used or becomes outdated. When this happens the medicine needs to be properly disposed of. For more information regarding The Risks of Improperly Disposing of Medicines please visit this link http://medassureservices.com/blog/graphic/ . This link illustrates the dangers of various infections which can be spread by improper handling and disposal of biohazardous wastes.

Disposal of medicines

In the past medicines were flushed down the drain or the toilet. Many medicines were thrown away in the garbage. This is not a safe practice. Medicines can end up in streams, rivers, and lakes. Medicines can end up in drinking water. Medicines can negatively affect fish and other wildlife.

Medicines can best be disposed of through take back programs. The unwanted medicine program is operated by the Take It Back Network. For more information or for drop off locations please click here.

Instead of throwing your prescription drugs in the trash or flushing them down the toilet, there is now a safe way of disposing of expired, unused, or unwanted medication. Help reduce the risk of having prescription drugs fall into the hands of teens or adults that may misuse them.

Disposal locations:

  • Lewis County Sheriff Department, 345 W Main St.
  • Centralia, Police Department, 118 W Maple St.
  • Morton Police Department, 260 Main Ave.
  • Toledo City Hall, 130 N 2nd St.
  • Winlock City Hall, 323 NE 1st St.

Disposal of controlled substances

Controlled substances are more difficult to dispose of. It is a felony to knowingly give a controlled substance to another person. Please call the Lewis County Sheriff's office for disposal options. The number is (360) 748-9286.

Vitamins, supplements, herbals

Vitamins, supplements, and herbals can be found in most households. These items are used by many people to improve health and vitality. Some of these items go unused. Some also have expiration dates.

In the event an item must be disposed of it is safe to dispose of these items in the regular garbage.

Items not included in medicine take back programs

There are many items that are not accepted in a medicine take back program. Sryringes, IV bags, infectious waste, and personal care products are included items. Click here to see how to properly dispose of these items.