Information for Teachers

Hazards on the Homefront Curriculum

Department of Ecology, utilizing a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency, has retooled the King County Hazards on the Homefront curriculum for 6th to 12th graders.

A website is available to learn more about the curriculum. Follow the link to learn more.

Classroom Presentations

The recycling specialist and/or the hazardous waste program coordinator are available to do classroom presentations on a broad range of topics in the areas of recycling, composting, and hazardous materials. Here are a few examples of previous presentations:

  • Less Trash and ways to reduce our garbage
  • Worm bins and vermiculture
  • Recycling paper and paper making
  • Safe alternatives to hazardous materials
  • Hazardous materials and water pollution
  • Composting and making a compost bin


Solid Waste Services is proud of our facilities and we would be glad to show them off. The staff is more than willing to make appointments for groups to visit our facilities.

To arrange for a tour, pick which one you would like and call the number to reach the appropriate staff member.

  • Complete tour of the Central Transfer Station: 360-740-1451
  • Hazo Hut tour: 360-740-1221
  • Recycling and composting tour: 360-740-1452
  • Tipping floor and garbage tour: 360-740-1130
  • Tour of East Lewis County Transfer Station: 360-740-1130