Community Litter Cleanup Program

Lewis County Solid Waste along with funding from the Department of Ecology and The Department of Public Works, operates a litter program. This program cleans up illegal dump sites and litter along the county roads. This program has been very successful, and has been ongoing for many years in Lewis County and utilizes the labor from The Lewis County jail which allows the offenders the opportunity to give back to our community.

The Litter crew consists of an inmate supervisor and minimum risk offenders/trustees from the Lewis County jail. Solid Waste works very closely with the Sheriff's office and Jail administrators to keep this program operating and help keep Lewis County highways and illegal dump sites litter free.

Follow this Link for more information regarding the Department of Ecology's Litter Program for the State of Washington:

You can also find great statistical information on the site by following this link

To report an illegal dump on Lewis County Right of Way or to report a County Road in need of litter pickup please call 360-740-1123 or 360-740-1451 please have the road name available or location of the dump site to report.

To report an illegal dump or a Washington State highway in need of Litter pickup please call the Washington Department of Ecology at 360-407-6351. Lewis County is not authorized to clean up litter on State highways or WA State property.