About Solid Waste Services


Lewis County Solid Waste Services' mission is for the efficient management of solid waste and public education on recycling, composting, and hazardous materials. Solid Waste Services is divided into five sections: Administration, Operations, Recycling, Hazardous Waste, and the Litter Program. Solid Waste Services strives to provide efficient disposal and recycling services to the residents and businesses of Lewis County.

The Solid Waste Services Manager is Steve Skinner. Steve has been with Solid Waste Services since 1994. He began as the Operations Supervisor and has spent the past 25 years overseeing the operations of the Central Transfer Station, and East Lewis County Transfer Station. He has worked hard to keep the operations running smoothly, as the amount of garbage handled by the two transfer stations has grown from 40,000 tons in 1995 to 71,500 tons in 2018. In 2009, he became the manager and oversees all aspects of Solid Waste Services.


A record amount of 78,831 tons of garbage was collected in 2007, the year of a devastating flood in Lewis County. Currently Lewis County generates approximately 63,000 tons of Solid Waste per year. Beginning on April 1, 2017 Waste Connections will become the contracted agency responsible for the disposal of garbage from Lewis County. Lewis County garbage will be transported by truck to the Wasco County Landfill in The Dalles, OR via I-5 in Washington and I-84 in Oregon.


Solid Waste Services Administration handles the important financial and record keeping required for the department. Solid Waste Services has a full time accountant to oversee accounts, track income and expenditures, oversee grants, and prepare, and file financial reports.The office administration is responsible for a wide range of duties as well as answering questions from the public.

The Recycling Section promotes recycling and organics management. The recycling specialist provides education and promotes the county's curbside recycling program, as well as recycling opportunities at the transfer stations. She oversees the collection and recycling of organics including yard waste, wood waste and construction debris. Rural yard waste collection events help reduce outdoor burning of this material. The Master Recycler/Composter program for Lewis County is a volunteer program supported by Solid Waste. For more information on recycling/composting programs please see the Recycling or Composting Page.

The Hazardous Waste Section has been in existence since the early 1990's.The initial purpose of the hazardous waste program was to start a used oil collection drop off system in the County. Special collection events were also held to allow homeowners to turn in unwanted hazardous materials. In March 1997 a permanent collection building, known as the Hazo-Hut, was opened at the Central Transfer Station. Today, the hazardous waste program operates four used oil collection sites and is responsible for education, collection, and safe disposal of hazardous materials from within Lewis County only. For more information visit the Household Hazardous Waste page.