Call for Bids/Planholders Site Instructions

Getting Project Information: (No registration required)

The left side of the main page lists all currently available projects. Clicking on the name of a project will display important details for that project. Links to all necessary contracts, plans, specifications, and addendums are shown. Click on a document name to view and/or save that document. It will also display the current planholders for that selected project. Projects are only kept on the main project list until the bids are opened.

After a project's bids are opened, it moves to the Past Projects list. The last 5 past projects are shown on the right side of the main page. A link to older projects is at the end of that list. When the bids are tabulated the tabulations will be posted. These older projects are available to view through the Past Projects link; we keep these projects available for least one year after posting for your reference.

Getting on a Planholders List: (Registration Required)

Prior to getting on a planholder list, you must register your business with our site: Click the Register Company link located at the top of the page to start. Enter your company contact information, then click the Create Company button and it should confirm your new account. An email containing a temporary password will be sent to your registered email address. Open that email, and return to the Call for Bids page. Click the Sign In link, enter your email and the temporary password, and click the Sign In button. Immediately after this first sign-in, you will be prompted to change the old temporary password that our system created to a new password of your choosing by entering the new password and clicking Update Password button.

Once that is done, you will be back at the main projects page; you should see a Welcome message to your company at the top right corner of the page indicating that you are signed in. To get on a planholders list, click on the project name to see the project details & click on the Join the Planholder List button. Doing so should immediately add your company name to the list at the right. When you are on a planholders list, the Join button changes to an Unjoin button; this allows you to remove yourself from that project's the planholders list.

You only need to register once... any time you visit again, you can use the same email and password: to get on another planholders list just sign in and click on the project to open up the details. Once there click on the Join the Planholders List button. If you're not sure if you have registered, you can go to the Company List page to check for your name among all of the registered users. If you see that your company is registered multiple times on our company list, please contact us at 360.740.2722 to remove the duplicate entries.

If you need to update your contact information, Sign In and click on the link in the upper right corner where it says "Welcome"; or click on the Company List and click on your company name from the list. Then choose the Edit link. Here you can enter new contact information or choose to change your password. This will change your information on all of the planholders lists you are on. If you forget your password, click the Sign In link and then the Forgot Password link; a password reset link will be sent to the email address that you saved in your profile.

If you cannot remember your registered email address, or if you no longer have access to the email that was used to register, or if you are having any difficulty using this site, please contact us at 360.740.2272 to resolve the issue. We should be able to help you get registered, signed in, and/or added to any planholders lists.

Attention: Your name must be included on the planholder list to receive any addendums that may be added to the contract. Without the notice of acknowledgement of the addednums (if any), on the proposal signature page, the proposal will have to be considered non-responsive. Please see the specific project documents for the exact bid requirements.