Health Beat with Dr. Rachel Wood


Each month Dr. Rachel Wood will release an article she has written with current information for the benefit of all citizens of Lewis County.

Breast Milk is a Universal Solution - October 2019

Experts say that in a world filled with inequality, crises, and poverty, breastfeeding is the foundation of lifelong good health for babies and mothers. Breast milk is a natural, renewable ...

Posted: Oct. 9, 2019

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Get Medically Ready for Winter - September 2019

Changes in medicine and medical technology mean more people are living longer with chronic conditions than ever before in human history. While those extra years are certainly a benefit to ...

Posted: Sept. 6, 2019

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Does Your Back-to-School Checklist Include Vaccinations?

Making sure your children are vaccinated on time is an important step toward ensuring their long-term health. Immunization is the single-most effective way parents can protect their children against serious ...

Posted: Aug. 12, 2019

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Protect Yourself from Wildfire Smoke - July 2019

From all the predictions we’ve seen, we are expecting a bad wildfire season this summer, even here on the usually damp, green west side of the mountains. As the fire ...

Posted: July 10, 2019

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Pets Are Good for You - June 2019

Research on human-animal interactions is still a fairly new science. Many studies have shown positive emotional and physiological health effects of pet ownership. Six out of 10 pet owners say ...

Posted: June 7, 2019

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Break Out the Grill, It's National Barbecue Month

Memorial Day at the end of May is the unofficial annual start of outdoor activities in the Northwest – camping, picnics, and of course barbecuing. But why wait until the ...

Posted: May 3, 2019

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Raise Your Own Healthy Food - April 2019

With every passing year, we move further away from the time when people grew most of the food their families ate. Our busy, modern lives and more compact living conditions ...

Posted: April 3, 2019

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What You Should Know About Measles March 2019

The first thing everyone should know is the good news that as of Friday, February 22, 2019, there have been NO confirmed measles cases in Lewis County.Lewis County readers may ...

Posted: Feb. 27, 2019

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Improving Quality of Life for Our Veterans - February 2019

There are many things that contribute to our quality of life here in Lewis County – everything from where you live or work, to what you eat for breakfast, or ...

Posted: Feb. 7, 2019

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Best Practices to Prevent Seasonal Illness and Get Well Faster - January 2019

It’s the time of year when people tend to get sick. Few of us are lucky enough to get through the whole winter without having to fight off what we’ve ...

Posted: Jan. 8, 2019

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