Marriage Waiver


The following information and/or documents are necessary before applications for a marriage waiver, pursuant to R.C.W. 26.04.010, can be completed.

  1. Submit proof of age.
  2. If the claimed necessity is pregnancy, the prospective wife must furnish a statement from a doctor confirming the pregnancy.
  3. If the claimed necessity is pregnancy, the prospective husband must sign an acknowledgment that he is the father of the expected child.
  4. Written consent from both custodial parents or the legal guardian(s). If the parents are divorced, custody of the underage child must be verified.
  5. Must complete a Marriage Waiver-Information Fact Sheet (on reverse) and other forms.
  6. A written statement must be furnished from a priest, rabbi, minister or other professional counselor that at least three (3) pre-marital counseling sessions have taken place with the parties involved. This statement should contain a comment regarding the appropriateness of the marriage.
  7. The juvenile(s) requesting the waiver and the parents (if both parents are still married) of the child requesting the waiver shall appear personally before a Superior Court Judge to state the reasons why they are claiming a necessity pursuant to R.C.W. 26.04.040. A Probation Officer shall schedule the appointment with the Judge and will accompany the parties.

Marriage Waiver-Information Fact Sheet

Marriage Waiver Application