Animal Control

Lewis County Humane Officer

The Humane Officer works closely with the Lewis County Animal Shelter during such any time animals are impounded or housed at the shelter due to neglect.

Investigates Animal Cruelty and Neglect

If you feel an animal is being neglected, please contact the Lewis County dispatch non-emergency line at 360-740-1105. To initiate the process of investigating, reporting parties are encouraged to leave their name and phone number for easy follow up or for further questions regarding what they are reporting. It is not mandatory to leave your name and number, if you wish, you may remain anonymous.

Lewis County Code 6.05.010

Potentially Dangerous and Dangerous Animals

After an initial investigation and report is taken by the Lewis County Sheriff's Office regarding; Aggressive dogs, animal bites to a human, animal bites to other animals, animals killing other animals etc. The Humane Officer gathers that information and determines whether the animal is a Potentially Dangerous Animal or a Dangerous Animal which may require further action. If you are concerned regarding an aggressive animal or you have been attacked by an animal, please call the Lewis County dispatch non-emergency line at 360-740-1105 to initiate the reporting process.

Lewis County Code 6.05.010

Kennel Operating Permit

Lewis County requires dog kennels to obtain a permit yearly along with an inspection to assure that the animals are cared for appropriately. The link below will help determine if a dog kennel permit is required based on the type of kennel and number of dogs housed.

Lewis County Code 6.15.020

Dog Kennel FAQ's

Which permit do I need, if any?

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