Skookumchuck Wind Energy Project

Notice of Addendum to the FEIS

Addendum to FEIS, July 2019

Lone Star Transportation Survey, Updated June 2019

Omega Transportation Study, June 2019

Port of Longview haul route letter, July 1, 2019

City of Longview haul route letter, July 10, 2019

Cowlitz County haul route letter, July 10, 2019

Shoreline Substantial Development Permit and Shoreline Conditional Use Permit

SHD18-0001 Original JARPA

SHD18-0001 Original JARPA - Attachment A - Multiple Property Owners Attachment

SHD18-0001 Original JARPA - Attachment B - Burden of Proof Statement

SHD18-0001 Original JARPA - Attachment C - Adjoining Property Owners

SHD18-0001 Original JARPA - Attachment D - Figures

SHD18-0001 Original JARPA - Attachment E - Hanaford Creek Conditional Use Application

SHD18-0001 Original JARPA - Attachment F - Critical Areas Report

SHD18-0001 Supplemental Application Materials


The following documents are part of the Skookumchuck Wind Energy Project Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The Draft EIS is available below.

A hard copy of the FEIS is available for viewing at the Lewis County Community Development Department located at 2025 Kresky Avenue, Chehalis, WA 98532. A hard copy of the FEIS is available for purchase at the actual cost of reproduction and actual cost of postage and shipping. An estimated cost at this time is $350 for the cost of reproduction and the third-party vendor requires five working days to complete the copy job for each requested FEIS copy.

The complete document is available for download below.

Final Environmental Impact Statement



Executive Summary

Environmental Impact Statement Summary

Revisions to the DEIS

Comments to DEIS and Responses


2.7-1 Mitigation Measures

3.2-1 DEIS Public Comment and Response Summary

3.4-5 Habitat Conservation Plan

5.1-1 Distribution List

Notice of Availability - Draft Environmental Impact Statement

The following documents are part of the Skookumchuck Wind Energy Project Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Printed copies of the Draft EIS are available for purchase at actual cost of copies from our third-party vendor plus other costs (taxes, postage and shipping costs, including any cost for containers used in shipping). The estimated printing cost from the third-party vendor is $380 (prior to taxes) and a printing time of five (5) working days is needed for each requested DEIS document.

The complete document is available for download below.

Draft Environmental Impact Statement


Executive Summary

Proposed Action and Alternatives

Affected Environment, Impacts and Migration Measures

List of Preparers

Distribution List


2.5-1 Draft Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

2.8-1 Decommissioning Plan

3.3-1 Water Resources Inventory Report and Addendum

3.4-1 Land Cover Types within the Study Area

3.4-2 Results of Avian Surveys

3.4-3 ADR Skookumchuck Bat Study

3.4-4 Noxious Weeds List

3.6-1 Emergency Response Plan

3.7-1 Noise Memo

3.10-1 Cultural

  • Part 1
  • Figures

3.11-1 LOS Worksheets

3.11-2 Transportation Survey

3.12-1 Riverside Fire Authority Adequate Facility Letter

3.12-2 Fire Prevention Procedures

3.13-1 Socioeconomic Technical Report