Small Works Roster - Facilities

If you would like your business to be considered for jobs contracted out by Facilities, please utilize the following information.

To be placed on Lewis County Small Works Roster which is utilized both by Facilities and Public Works, in addition to being viewable by other municipalities and or individuals, please use the following application and resources to apply and find out more. Applications must be renewed every two years.

* Any municipality utilizing this small works roster needs to contact Zelma Hammer at (360) 740-2612.

Per reporting requirements of RCW 39.04.200, the above list is the usage of the Small Work Roster (included the Limited Public Works process) held by Lewis County Public Works and the agencies who have entered into Interlocals with Lewis County.

In addition, if you would like to send your information to Lewis County Facilities, please send an email to.

Your email must include your contractor name, specialty, up to date Certification of Insurance, bond information, and your W-9 from.

*If you are interested in a current project please see the call for bids page.

To see current Prevailing Wage please go here.