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Visitation Information

The Lewis County Jail conducts visitation by video camera. You will check in 10 minutes prior to your scheduled visitation time and be assigned to a numbered visitation booth. Once seated, pick up the phone and continue holding until connected to the inmate you are visiting appears on the monitor in front of you. You will conduct your conversation by phone. Once connected with your visitor, the clock will begin a countdown and your visit will end after 15 minutes.

Visitation Rules & Times

Video Visitation will be conducted for general population inmates from 08:30am until 11:00am and from 1:30 PM until 4:00PM Monday through Thursday. WERC visitation will be conducted Sundays from 1:00 PM to 4:00PM. Visitation sessions begin on the hour and half hour. Visitors are allowed one visit per day. Inmates are allowed 2 visits per week maximum.

  • Visitors must call in advance to schedule an available time to visit (360-740-1344). Calls for visitation will be taken Friday from 08:30 AM until 4:00PM for the following visitation week. All visits will be scheduled on a first come first, served basis. The inmate must be here a minimum of three days before visitation will be allowed.
  • You must have picture ID and be listed on the inmate’s visitation list to be allowed to visit.
  • Other business will be conducted after the scheduled visit. All personal items must be stored in your vehicle or in the lockers outside of the lobby entrance.
  • Inmates on disciplinary lockdown will not receive visitation.
  • Late visitation will not be allowed. Please check in with the Jail receptionist 10 minutes prior to your visit.
  • Persons under the age of 18 will not be allowed to visit or enter the Jail lobby.
  • Visitation is automatically terminated after 15 minutes.

Inmate Mail Rules

The following is a list of approved mail practices

  • Inmates may receive up to eight photographs per letter.
  • Inmates may receive books and/or magazines from the publisher or a recognized bookstore.
  • Inmates may receive money orders to be deposited in their commissary account.

The following is a list of items not accepted through the mail

  • Obscene or sexually explicit material by its nature or content is not acceptable in this facility.
  • Material which represents a potential health or hygiene problem.
  • Contraband being sent or received.
  • Discussion of escape.
  • Code when contents are not understood by the scanner.
  • Personal checks
  • Polaroid type photo(s)
  • Stickers, glued items, collages, or similar items
  • Laminated/plasticized item(s)
  • Hard back book(s)
  • Magazines, books or catalogs not received from a publisher or an approved bookstore, or not clearly recognized as from a publisher or an approved bookstore.
  • Clothing.
  • Material(s) available through commissary.
  • Stamps or envelopes.
  • Correspondence from within the facility or from another detention facility.
  • Material of an inflammatory nature which may pose a risk to institutional security.
  • Has been purported to be legal mail, but upon visual scanning for contraband, the mail is determined to be general correspondence.