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The Office of the Superior Court Administrator performs the executive functions to enable the judges to focus on adjudication of cases.

Superior Court Judges do not have Judicial Assistants therefore, contact with Judges should go through the Court Administrator.  Court Administrators do not give legal advise.

The Administrator handles all the fiscal and logistical needs of the courts. The office provides several services in connection with the administration of justice, to wit:

  • Arbitration Services
  • Public Defenders Contracts
  • Guardian ad Litem Services

Susie Parker, Court Administrator, (360) 740-1333 ext. 3,

Paula Willey, Assistant Court Administrator (360) 740-1333 ext 2

Jennifer Soper, Drug Court Administrator, (360) 740-2731

Jan Clifford, Drug Court - Community Outreach Worker (360) 740-1179

Court Reporters

Assigned ToNameTel. No.
Judge Hunt, Dept 1Randi Hamilton(360) 740-1173
Judge Lawler, Dept 2Cheryl Hendricks(360) 740-1171
Judge Brosey, Dept 3 Jessica Turner(360) 740-2658