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Contracting (Consultants, Rosters, & Bids)

The Public Works Department procures services, equipment, and materials in accordance with state, federal, and local regulations. The method used to select a provider depends upon the amount of the purchase, the source of the funding, and the nature of the project, among other things.

To expedite this process and encourage competition in our market, the department has developed web-based applications for two of the three most commonly used selection methods. There is also information provided for the third process as well.

Calls for Bid:

Click here to download all materials for a CFB, RFP, or RFQ & add yourself to the planholders list. Click this link to read our Instructions.

For technical questions about using the Calls for Bid site (trouble logging on, registering, etc.) please call Michelle Steepy at (360) 740-2722 or Matt Hyatt (360) 740-1128.

For questions about project details and specific bid opportunities please call Kim Amrine at (360) 740-2612.

Small Works Roster:

* Any municipality utilizing this small works roster needs to contact Kim Amrine at (360) 740-2612.

Click here to check what categories are available for small construction projects and verify that you have been added. Click these links to read documentation:Application, Procedures & Category Changes, & BOCC Resolution

Please submit a new application for this roster every two years. You are automatically taken off the roster if we do not receive a new application.

2-year SWR Award List: 2014-2015 SWR Contracts Awarded

Per reporting requirements of RCW 39.04.200, the above list is the usage of the Small Work Roster (included the Limited Public Works process) held by Lewis County Public Works and the agencies who have entered into Interlocals with Lewis County.

On Call Consultant List:

Click these links to read documentation:Consultant Notice,Consultant Questionnaire, & Resolution for On Call Consultant

Please submit a new application for this consultant list every two years. You are automatically taken off the list if we do not receive a new application.

To view the contracts listed on the 2-Year SWR Award List or if you have questions about the Small Works Roster or the On Call Consultants List please contact Kim Amrine at (360) 740-2612 or Kim.Amrine@lewiscountywa.gov