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The Probation Department works closely with youth, parent, schools, law enforcement,and other community services to ensure youth are meeting the terms of their probation. Our officers strive to provide a balance between accountability and rehabilitation in an effort to change behavior in a positive way.

Probation Officers

Shad Hail (360) 740-2622Shad.Hail@lewiscountywa.gov

Dean A. Durant (360) 740-2634Dean.Durant@lewiscountywa.gov

Jennifer A. Helm (360)740-2631Jennifer.Helm@lewiscountywa.gov

Stasha M. Magruder (360) 740-2628 Stasha.Magruder@lewiscountywa.gov

Lee Montgomery (360) 740-2682Lee.Montgomery@lewiscountywa.gov

Nancy Grzadzielewski (360) 740-262Nancy.Grzadzielewski@lewiscountywa.gov

Whitney L. Hafer(360) 740-2630Whitney.Hafer@lewiscountywa.gov