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Drinking Water Program

The goal of the Lewis County Water Program is to prevent waterborne illnesses in our community by assuring the presence of safe and reliable drinking water. To accomplish this, we do the following:

  1. Inspect wells for new public water supplies. This includes systems that will serve either two or more homes or most businesses. To be approved, sources of chemical and bacteriological contamination must be absent from the 100 feet circle surrounding the well.
  2. Review designs and plans for public water supplies that serve less than 15 residential connections and less than 25 people per day.
  3. Provide technical assistance to the Planning Department to ensure that wells serving single family residences are sited away from septic tanks and drain fields and do not contain harmful levels of bacteria or nitrate when permits are issued.
  4. Maintain a certified laboratory to test drinking water for the presence of bacteria and nitrate.
  5. Provide technical assistance to help people provide safe water, including advice on how to protect their well heads, assure their pressure tanks are operating properly, and how and when to properly disinfect their systems.
  6. Provide technical assistance before, during, and after emergencies. This includes helping people prepare for and respond to floods, droughts, power outages, security threats, and other potential contamination events.
  7. Review water quality test results for all food-permitted facilities to ensure that safe water is used for everything from drinking water to hand washing and food preparation.

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For more information on the Drinking Water Program, call Sue Kennedy at (360) 740-2691.