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Building & Fire Safety

The Building & Fire Safety Section is responsible for the enforcement of the State Building Act which encompasses several different codes:

The Department is currently using the 2009 Codes.  These include:

  • International Building and Residential Building Codes
    • Washington State Historic Building Code
    • Washington State Energy / Ventilation and Indoor Quality Code
  • Uniform Plumbing Code
  • International Mechanical Code
  • International Fire Code

The Building Division is made up of two program areas: development permitting inspections and fire safety inspections.

Fire Safety Inspections are initiated and an approved permit is issued for large burn piles, underground storage tanks or fireworks stands/displays. The Fire Marshall investigates all fires in county jurisdiction, and reports when there is a county burn ban in effect.

Rules and regulations adopted by the Council establishing regulations for Barrier Free Facilities are also enforced by the Building Section.

Apply for a Burn Permit

For more information on burn permits and burn regulations see
Southwest WA Fire Prevention Council and the Southwest Clean Air Act.

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